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AI / ML is Changing The World Faster Than Ever

Our Solutions And Services Can Help You Plan and Transform Your Business To Meet The Future.


AI / ML Solutions are being applied to a wide variety of use cases, across industries and domains world wide.

Our Consulting service helps you first identify the 'quick wins' or potential opportunities within your organisation where we can rapidly deploy a solution for the best ROI and then scale accordingly.

Our AI Rapid Launcher is a structured 90 day program which includes consulting and technical implementation to develop a working AI / ML pilot project your organisation. It's a very cost effective way to drive AI / ML for your business.


Implementing AI/ML projects is complex due to a variety of skills required and deep expertise in each area including but not limited to Data Science, Model development and Infrastructure engineering.

We weave it all together and bring proven technology and/or implementation including Data Services, Platform Solutions, and SaaS/API Solutions to craft a custom offering for your organisation's specific needs.

This not only enables you to deploy AI / ML solutions quickly but cost efficiently too ( aka first building your own in house teams )


Auclid’s team of experts improve your existing MVP model and move it from a pilot to a scalable stack.

All maintenance and enhancement is done by Auclid including review and optimisation of existing code, improvement of model performance and data augmentation / clean up and managing the infrastructure and technology stack.

This not only frees up your core AI / ML team but is also very cost effective from a cost and talent perspective.


As an organisation with strategic investments in AI / ML, its important to up skill, team members of your existing IT Organisation.

Auclid has specialised and customisable training programs for different sets of associates in your team - From orienting fresh campus hires to training existing team members to get production read.

A typical training engagement is usually 4 weeks long and covers theoretical and hands on experience on AI algorithms, Frameworks and Models, Full Stack Design and Understanding of AI projects and ongoing post training mentoring for 3 months.

Areas of Specialisation

Machine & Deep Learning

Image Processing

Natural Language Processing

Computer Vision

Predictive Analytics

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